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Child Custody Dilemma - The Move Away Case

The statistics from Census Bureau show us that 28% of all children in America live with one parent. Furthermore, approximately fourteen million Americans move away to relatively distant location each year. As a result, the “Move-Away Case” is one of the most common cases in divorce courts in virtually every state.

A move-away case can have great impact on the life of parents and their children, because it is an unmistakable “winner take all” situation. It will be very difficult for the stay-behind parent to see their children. The children will have to make a difficult choice of picking between their parents. The relationship between the stay-behind parent will permanently change.

If you are facing the move-away dilemma, here are some helpful tips.

1) You should be most concerned about the children’s best interest.

2) Don’t say anything bad to interfere with the relationship between the other parent and the children. Don’t try to make your children hate the other parent.

3) Try to work out a schedule for the other parent to see the children on a regular basis. For instance, if you have to move to other country, you should let your children come back to visit your ex-spouse during the summer break or Christmas.

4) If you want to move, you should make sure that have enough money to support your children after the move.

5) Spend a lot of time with your children. Get involved with your child’s extracurricular activities.

6) Talk to your lawyer. Be sure to exercise all of your visitation rights.

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